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BR4 Quaestum Capital & The Klotz Group of Companies, their platform, subsidiaries and affiliates, collectively BR4 Klotz make up the vertically integrated real estate investment platform, led by principals who have been committed to the multifamily industry since 1995.

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BR4 KLOTZ is a seasoned group of highly complementary principals leading a vertically integrated real estate investment platform consisting of operating subsidiaries, investment partnerships, funds and ventures.

With a collective vision, strategy, and capability, BR4 Klotz has endeavored to provide select individuals, family offices and institutions, a private and unique multifamily real estate investment opportunity. BR4 Klotz allows you to invest alongside an experienced sponsor with a confident mission of producing superior returns and outcomes within one of the most exciting global sectors; Multifamily real estate assets within the Southeastern United States.

BR4 KLOTZ’s platform has a nationwide footprint, a hunger for excellence and has become a “best in class” multifamily real estate sponsor, investor, owner, partner, broker, lender, contractor, capital provider and developer. BR4 KLOTZ sets the bar with transactional quality, real estate strategies, investment returns, client services and industry impact. With corporate and city offices serving the United states located in FL, GA, NC, SC, TN, TX, & AL, as well as international offices in CDMX, Quintana Roo, and Baja California Sur, BR4 KLOTZ has employed a team of hundreds of dedicated professionals including a highly experienced executive management team with decades of experience.

BR4 KLOTZ principals have been committed to the multifamily industry since 1995 - the Principals are armed with over 100 years of collective investment experience across various sectors including hard assets and securities. They have proven themselves as an operator of choice, a trusted investment advisor and has established BR4 KLOTZ as one of the most active real estate groups in the Southeast. Prior to the formation of BR4 KLOTZ and the launching of its first real estate fund, the group traditionally syndicated private real estate partnerships creating a long-standing track-record of success providing superior risk-adjusted returns. Currently, BR4 KLOTZ owns and operates thousands of multifamily housing units within several institutional programmatic joint ventures, private syndications and separately managed accounts.

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