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About us

We are the most qualified firm when it comes to combining complex finance along with Multifamily Real Estate in the Southeastern United States and as such we offer and deliver  the highest quality in the market.

We invest through our vertically integrated platform and participate in the entire value chain of our Real Estate investments.


BR4 Quaestum Capital is a Fund Management Firm focused on Private Equity and Real Estate development with track record in successfully developing more than 3,000 units across several projects in Mexico along with the structuring of 3 Private Equity Funds 

We are in the process of raising a series of funds, with a target capitalization of up to $1 Billion. The first of this Series of Funds will focus on creating immediate value through investments we have picked to establish a solid foundation with the right Capital Partner to grow our relationship in the following years.  

Our goal is to create value for our investors through acquisitions, developments and redevelopment of real estate projects in urban high growth coastal areas along the Southeastern United States.

We maintain an opportunistic approach to investments in multi-family housing markets creating added value to our investment through the improvement of properties or the development of new multifamily complexes.

We cover the entire investment process of Real Estate from the origination, acquisition, investment, development and asset management, for the creation of value and generation of high returns upon exiting the investment.

Our purpose

Generate gains by making opportunistic acquisitions that generate strong risk-adjusted returns for our partners and investors while maintaining a risk-averse approach.

Our Goals extend beyond outperforming in favorable markets; we prioritize providing investment strategies that safeguard our investors during uncertain times and economic downturns. 


We Keep It Simple when it come to our Purpose and Mission



   + B   - Buy   

   + R1 Rehab

   + R2 - Rent

   + R3 Refinance

   + R4 - Repeat



   + Q - Gain

   + Q - Acquisition

   + Q - Profit

   + Q - Advantage

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